Journey Through the Wood


Journey Through the Wood


Journey through the Wood is a project inspired by stories and folklore of trees from all over the world. It is a lively & interactive performance that tells the story of the journey of two children through the forest where they learn the wisdom that is kept by the trees and the ways of the people and hidden folk who dwell there. To help relaize this project I was granted funding from Enterprise Music Scotland through the Traditional Storytelling Grant with funds from Creative Scotland.

This project uses the stories and lore about trees as a basis for exploring human relationship with the forest, the representation through story of the deeper issues that face us in our lives, how trees inspire creativity, and the need for respect for the trees, with an emphasis on the healing power of the trees. Since the oldest stories that were told the tree has played a central part of many beliefs throughout the world, the world tree even being the the axis of the universe in many cultures. The forest is an essential part of our earth and has many lessons to teach us, with trees being intrinsic elements of stories, folklore, and mythology. Contained within these stories are lessons in ways of conduct with each other and with nature, guides to practical and ethical living, and revealing insights into issues of self -esteem and emotional literacy.

The performance uses the framework of a journey through the wood by two children who follow the woodpecker to the ancient oak tree who opens a hidden door to other trees around the world. These stories are inspired by traditional stories from world mythology, folktales, and folklore that represent the different trees and the teachings that are symbolized by them in various cultures. The stories carry a positive message and encourage a respect and appreciation of the forest. The performance is enhanced using simple visual props.

Journey Through the Wood is recommended for children in P4-P7, but is also a family friendly performance.

Along with the performance I am offering workshops that further explore the themes and issues that are presented in the story. The workshops bring the participants to a deeper understanding of how these themes relate to their own lives.