Outside Art

By moving in the outdoor environment we become more familiar with what surrounds us, by creating artwork in the outdoors we become intimate and more connected with those surroundings. The artwork we create becomes a natural response to the environment we are in.

In the Outside Art workshops we mostly use only the materials that are available around us, perhaps using a couple of simple tools and occasionally involving a bit of biodegradable string to aid the creation. Sometimes other elements are introduced in order to create what we want with the group but using only natural materials and nothing else is left behind. In fact we often leave sites tidier than when we arrived.

The workshops are adapted to whatever environment we find ourselves with, be that forest, beach or field.

Workshops can be run as one-off events or I can organise mutiple sessions that run over a period of weeks or months. The forest school sessions work best as repeat events giving familiarity to the ways of the wood and a chance to develop and explore, as well as introducing different activities and ideas.

The workshops have a variety of themes: Storytelling & Art in the Woods, Environmental Art, Nature mandalas, Dreamcatcher making, Forest Mapmaking, as well as many others. I can also customise something for you around an idea or requirement.

Please contact me to discuss what sort of session you would like and/or to arrange bringing a group out for a workshop. I can manage a group of  up to 15 children or 20 adults, and if necessary I can find a suitable location that is convenient for your group.

See images from these workshops in the Outside Art Gallery.