Projects that I have been involved in past and present.

Outside Art Gallery

The images here were created during environmental art workshops. During the workshops we usually work only with materials that we find on the site. Sometimes we have a theme that we are working with and other times it is purely up to the imagination of the individual or group who are working.

The Big Picnic Project

For this project I was working with 2 other artists in primary schools that were within the Living Lomonds area using art and storytelling as a stimulus for children to express their experiences of picnicking.

Hobbit Habitat House

Hobbit Habitat House

Inverness Bench & Totem Project

I was commissioned by the Scottish Waterways Trust in Inverness to create 3 benches to be located in natural sites around the city. I was to use words that had been created by groups that visit the sites regularly, the sites themselves inspiring the words.



At this time the yurt is not available.

The yurt is a nomadic tent, a space for shelter, gathering, and stories. It is a safe space away from whatever hustle and bustle is going on outside, it provides a place out of time to relax and be together.

The Dragon of Haughhill

This carving was commisioned by the Forestry Commission for Haughhill community woodland in the Pollok area of Glasgow. It is carved from a single piece of lime and was installed in February 2015.

Lady of the Wood

This project was undertaken at the National Trust Site of Falkland Palace Gardens. The inspiration for the piece was a similar living sculpture at the Lost Gardens of Heligan.

Celtic Tiki

I was asked if I could carve a Tiki to go into a developing local cafe. Tiki carvings originate in Polynesia and come in all shapes and sizes. I thought about it and liked the idea so decided to do a Celtic version of a Tiki. It is carved in Scots Pine.

The Orchard Seasons

This project was completed at Falkland Palace Gardens during the spring and summer of 2015. The logs were from a cedar tree that was taken down in the gardens a few years before.

Cambo Lost Elf Village

This was a project undertaken on Cambo estate to create a children's play area that would spark the imagination while being a attractive place to explore. The wood for the project was mostly provided by the estate, both logs and milled timber.