Themes that I have developed and currently have available for booking.
I am also enthusiastic to develop other ideas or themes.

Stories of the Fairies

Celtic stories mostly from Scotland and Ireland that are about the hidden folk. The sidhe (the fairies) are not always playful and as kind as you may think, they are known for their troublesome and mischievous characteristics.

World Folktales

Stories from around the world. 
Many simple folktales from around the world have a playful and humourous nature, but they contain lessons of how to live best with each other and treat our enviroment with care. 
These stories are accessible for most ages. 

Tree Tales

This theme explores the tales of trees from throughout the world, in many cultures the tree is at the centre of mythological creation and therefore at the centre of all stories.

Woodcutter Stories

Stories from many cultures on the theme of the woodcutter.

The woodcutter features in tales as a curious character who dwells in the wood and often there is a lesson to be learned from the trees.

Stories for Wee Ones

Fun playful & interactive stories for pre-school kids, many of which are adapted from Scottish folktales with magic, rhythm, and rhyme that make them more appealing for young ones. These stories have been developed to get kids involved as well as stimulating their imaginations.